Saudi Arabia “New Leap” obtains permission for payments via “Mada”

“Saudi Payments”, which operates under the full supervision of Saudi Central Bank, has announced that the global digital financial solutions company “New Leap” has obtained the necessary technical permits to provide acceptance of e-commerce payments directly through the link to the “Mada” System, which It aims to strengthen the structure of the e-commerce sector in the Kingdom.

With the technical authorization, issued through the “Saudi Payments” permit center, “New Leap” will be in able to provide more advanced services for card payment through the “Mada” system at the service of the e-commerce sector, which will help satisfy the purchasing needs of consumers and the various sectors of activity.

The new services that the company’s payment gateway will provide are support for new types, such as secure storage of card data, processing scheduled payments for electronic subscriptions (recurring payments), and support for payments made for pre-authorization and notifications. capture), which will allow a larger segment of electronics stores to benefit from these technical developments, which are identical in nature to their operations, such as hospitality, rental offices, delivery applications and shopping sites online.

Saudi Payments Executive Director Abdulaziz Al-Afaleq praised this important step, in enabling various players in the digital payment industry to develop the electronic payment system in the Kingdom, underlining that this partnership will have a positive impact on the e-commerce sector in the Kingdom, through the development of a local electronic payment gateway system , and connecting them to the “Mada” network, which will help strengthen the Kingdom’s electronic payments infrastructure.

For his part, “New Leap” CEO Adel Al-Rajhi confirmed that the company provides its digital solutions to help achieve financial inclusion and the achievement of the Kingdom’s goals in digital financial leadership and industry goals financial in the growth of the digitalization of payments, noting that “the company’s innovations will continue to achieve the best solutions for its customers, including factories and individuals.

The portal provides new services for electronics stores operating in the Kingdom, also benefiting from the periodic or recurring payment process, in what allows customers of “Mada” cardholders to schedule payments for specific periods, as well as to benefit from the authorization service that allows the store online to reserve the amount of the service on condition that it is carried out. Deduction of the amount after customers, from “mada” card holders, benefit from the service provided, and the carte mada savings service, allowing the merchant’s customer to save the encrypted data of the mada card during the first time for use in purchases, with the aim of facilitating the payment process in future with the merchant without the need to fill out forms or enter mada card information such as name, card number and expiration date when using this system.

It is worth noting that “Saudi Payments is the operator of the national infrastructure for payment systems, in which includes the national payment system “Mada”, and its services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to play the role of enabler of the sector, in working towards achieving the goals and aspirations of the Financial Sector Development Program as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 towards transformation in a cashless society promoting electronic payments.

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