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“Sudanese Sovereignty” welcomes the UN initiative for dialogue . and calls for the formation of a government


The Sudanese Transitional Sovereignty Council welcomed today, Monday, in its regular meeting at the Republican Palace, led by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan. United Nations initiative To facilitate the dialogue between the Sudanese partners and called for the involvement of the African Union to support the initiative and contribute to the success of the Sudanese dialogue efforts, while ensuring its Sudaneseity.

In a related context, the committee mandated by the council to consult with political forces and gather initiatives, led by a member of the Sovereign Council, Malik Agar, has presented a comprehensive report on its efforts in the last period.
Sovereignty Council member and official spokesperson for the Council, Dr Salma Abdel-Jabbar, explained that the Council called for the need to speed up the formation of an interim government to fill the executive void, as before the resignation of Dr. . Abdullah Hamdouk from the office of Prime Minister and thanked him for the efforts made for national consensus during his term.

Regarding the demonstrations, he said that the council stressed that freedom of expression and demonstration is a guaranteed right for all, calling for a commitment to the pace, and that the role of the police and security services during demonstrations is limited to monitoring, protecting and securing pace of the processions.

The member of the Sovereign Council added that the Council approved the memorandum presented by the Ministry of Energy and Oil in about the opening of the Galabat border crossing to cross gas trucks owned by the Ethiopian state for humanitarian reasons.

international initiative

The United Nations Mission in Sudan had said that consultations would begin today, Monday, with the aim of starting direct negotiations to resolve the political crisis in the country.

United Nations Representative Volker Peretz said today in a press conference in Khartoum that the initial talks, which will begin later today, will require wide-ranging individual consultations aimed at moving on to a second phase of direct or indirect negotiations between the various parties.

“We want to move quickly – he added -. We will start this afternoon with the first group of civil society. We will speak daily with many interested parties”.

He added that it would be difficult to set a timetable for the start of negotiations. “Time is precious, we know. There is a lot of pressure on the situation in Sudan and about us, “he added.

As Peretz said, “I hope these consultations become a confidence-building measure and will at least help reduce violence.”

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