The Best Digital Marketing Hacks for 2023

As the world becomes more focused on the digital space, it is no surprise that traditional marketing is making way for digital marketing. The traditional marketing arena looked at strong advertisement placements, copy created for billboards, huge budgets put into TV advertising, editorials, and a lot of public relations work to build brands up – now, digital marketing needs almost 10x fewer people to be fully functional, and operates solely with the online world in mind.

More and more people are doing their research and shopping online, with a huge amount of people going to Google and other search engines to find a product, service, or solution. Digital advertising is expected to hit over $616 billion this year, with even more money spread around search.

If a business has weak digital marketing, it will quickly find that poor presence in both search engines, social media, and eCommerce spaces will impact the business.

The importance of digital marketing has never been greater – the space is becoming more and more competitive with both multinational corporations and small businesses realizing this is the place where business is won and lost.

The ability to spot trends and jump on hacks quicker than others is what will boost your search engine ranking, organic growth on social channels and ultimately the level of qualified leads your business will get.

When it comes to both Google and social media SEO rankings, it doesn’t matter how big your company is or what resources you have at your disposal. Thankfully, a holistic, committed, and dedicated approach to the content you produce is what will set you apart from the competition.

That being said, here are the best digital marketing hacks you can take over into 2023 and get ahead of the game:

Boost Your Email Marketing Efforts

This is often the most overlooked digital marketing strategy is email marketing, something that is quickly becoming the most profitable marketing channel that can even have a reported $42 per $1 in ROI for email marketing campaigns.

This ROI figure is especially enticing for small businesses who may not have the marketing power or budget that huge corporations have, but thanks to cheap and easy-to-use enterprise email marketing platforms that can run a variety of email marketing campaigns. These platforms can do the job of a whole marketing department thanks to their modern design, allowing one user to create intuitive email marketing campaigns and even segment them to different customer bases.

The segmentation of your customer base through email marketing is the key aspect – the ability to diversify how you approach your customer based on their needs, desires, or wants while retaining the direct and personal nature of the marketing approach.

Use More Videos in Your Social Media Marketing

The rise of popular social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram should be of no shock – especially to those that understand the human psyche and what appeals to us.

So much recent research has found that video content resonates so much better with consumers and potential customers, whether it is the short, snappy reels that you find on social media or a library of video content on your business website. Even more popular is the usage of live videos and webinars on social media, aimed at building more brand awareness.

A lot of businesses underestimate how little it can cost to make ‘how to’ or ‘the best videos, which also have a huge SEO benefit with strong keyword usage. These videos can drive traffic to your content and ultimately create potential leads for your business – social media provides key insights and data into your audience, allowing a higher conversion rate amongst your leads.

Be Authentic in Your Content

A strong saying in marketing is about looking at your business like a peacock – the same way the animal shows off its colorful feathers as an indicator of strength, your business shows off its strength through marketing.

Keeping your content informative and direct lacks flair, and can be the equivalent of a peacock showing grey feathers. Instead, you will want to make sure that in 2023 you keep the right balance between your content informing and being useful but also entertaining and interesting to the audience you are tailoring it for.

Looking at the current trends, including FAQs and direct question-answering is a huge bonus when you write, as well as including polls and quizzes to boost engagement.

Create With SEO in Mind

There is an incorrect perception that SEO is out of the window – that could not be further from reality.

For small businesses and big businesses alike, the benefit of SEO can be a true game changer in the long run for your business’s health. Whether it is your search ranking on Google, how well you show up on Twitter or the strength of your company’s YouTube channel, you should always be created with SEO in mind.

Whether it is using strong keywords, or doing whatever you can to optimize the backend by just researching what people are searching for or what is trending, you can create content that has an audience vying for it. Using smarter keywords or jumping on search trends can elevate your business and get so many more eyes on your company and the products you have to offer.