TikTok Working on Integration with Lemon8: New Feature Allows Users to Sync Posts and Add Music

TikTok Developing Integration with Lemon8 App

TikTok appears to be working on an integration with Lemon8, another social app owned by TikTok’s Beijing-based parent company, ByteDance, according to new findings from product intelligence firm Watchful.ai.

Watchful.ai, a company specializing in identifying and emulating app changes, has discovered a potential new partnership between TikTok and Lemon8. This partnership would allow users to sync their Lemon8 posts to TikTok and enhance them with sounds and music using TikTok’s editor.

Watchful.ai, known for uncovering upcoming features in various apps, relies on computer vision, machine learning algorithms, and flow analysis of publicly available data as part of its methodology. Although the firm can’t provide screenshots of the feature, their previous track record suggests a high level of accuracy.

TikTok, however, has not yet commented on this development despite multiple requests for clarification.

Lemon8, a lifestyle social network, gained significant popularity on TikTok this spring. Its rise coincided with discussions about a potential TikTok ban or forced sale. Influencers on TikTok posted positive videos promoting Lemon8 without disclosing any sponsorship. Insider later revealed that ByteDance, the parent company of both TikTok and Lemon8, had paid creators to boost the app’s initial user base and content.

With the potential cross-posting feature, ByteDance could utilize TikTok’s extensive user base to further promote Lemon8 and drive new installs and adoption. This move could be seen as a backup plan to gain U.S. users’ engagement and attention in the event of a full TikTok ban.

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Current stats: Lemon8 boasts 25 million estimated worldwide downloads, with top markets in Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the U.S.

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