Top 5 Trading Books Every Young Trader Should Read

There is no straight path to be the best trader in the world. Whether you intend to trade in stocks or have a long-term investment plan, you may need to go back to the philosophical foundation of trading enshrined by top-notch authors who possess the philosopher’s stone on the subject of trading.

Any up and coming trader or even an experienced one should sharpen his or her trading skills by reading these five basic trading books that form a good foundation for a smooth trading sail.

Top 5 Trading Books Every Young Trader Should Read

One Up on the Wall Street – John Rothschild & Peter Lynch

This bestseller will impart valuable knowledge on the path to great returns as you navigate the trading risks. The power is within your peril, so the key to ‘making use of what you already know’ is an important principle to take home from this classic. One advantage of this book is it’s simple and clear to read and understand the principles to be a successful investor.

You learn how to sort the no-shots from the long-shots simply by going through the company’s financial statements. It contains valuable advice to improve your stock portfolio by leaps and bounds. The path to success is no way instant but as a young trader, this should be in your home library.

The Warren Buffet Way – K. Fisher, Peter Lynch & Robert G. Hagstrom

Any young investor looks up to the American mogul Warren Buffet. The savvy investor also happens to be a brilliant stockpiler with the ability to raise the stock price by purchasing shares. The book offers a blueprint on what makes Buffet the mogul he is and his ways in the stock markets.

It may appear technical on the onset but if you patiently navigate through its principles, you will learn to invest in a trade you fully understand. In case it’s getting difficult to manage your trading learning and college assignments at once, get essay help online to free some time for a deeper dive into this book. This is important for an up and coming trader as you should contemplate and understand what you intend to invest in the trade.

The Disciplined Trader – Mark Douglas

This is a groundbreaking book that came out in 1990. It will help you understand why a lot of traders find it hard to raise their equity consistently. It’s a practical piece of work that will change your mindset about trading. This 90’s classic brings forward the principle of being in a proper state of mind as a trader.

To be financially strong, you need to be strong psychologically and have been reiterated by Mark Douglas clearly in this book. Trading Psychology is an essential value for a trader, as indicated by the book. The same principle of trading psychology applied 30 years ago is still relevant to a young trader today with a winning mentality.

Every Trader Should Read These Trading Books

Digital Day Trader – Howard Abell

Today’s traders should think ahead of the stock markets like an algorithm. The young trader that understands the volatility of the market is likely to reap a profit that was ones a dream. Even the smallest price fluctuations can give you profits if you know when to take advantage of day trading.

The book is crystal clear and gives you a simplified example of successful traders. You may learn a thing or two if you dig through this piece of game. Online trading has presented a great investment opportunity for the young trader. You will, therefore, need to be a quick thinker and understand the future of the stock market.

Market Wizards – Jack D. Schwager

This is one of the fascinating trading books available. This classic is an assemblage of several interviews from the 20th Century most successful traders. They offer insights and words of encouragement that a prudent trader should navigate in his day to day investment on the stocks successfully.

You will be inspired by the words of encouragement from the different successful traders from the past. There is a lot for you to learn through the experiences of those who have found success in the industry. It will help you find the best method to turn your analysis into profit.


We have brushed through some of the classics that a young trader in 2020 may read and still succeed. The young traders should be able to have the basic principles that have been laid down by those in possession of knowledge that has rewarded all successful traders. Reading these books will inspire you and will provide a great understanding of the trading world.

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