Uncovering the Dark Side of Bluetooth: How Your MacBook Could be Used for Spying

Bluetooth technology has offered unprecedented solutions for device interconnections. Nearly all devices today are Bluetooth-enabled. Despite its benefits, the technology also exposes users to cyberattacks.

MacBook users face a variety of privacy and security risks while connected to Bluetooth. The technology allows connectivity within short distances. Hackers need to be within close range of their target to perform an attack. Without proper protection, your MacBook can be hacked and used for spying.

Uncovering the Dark Side of Bluetooth How Your MacBook Could be Used for Spying

Main types of Bluetooth attacks

One of the common questions asked by users is: Is Bluetooth safe from Hackers? The truth is that it is not safe. Cybercriminals keep creating new ways to find access to other people’s devices. Using the latest strategies, they can gain access to your MacBook within seconds.
When connecting Mac to Bluetooth, sometimes it fails to turn on. It is mostly caused by technical issues that are easy to solve. Search for the words my Bluetooth won’t turn on Mac to get tips on how to fix the problem. Cybercriminals can use your laptop for spying without even interacting with you. They use two main types of attacks.

Using Bluetooth spy apps

There are a variety of Bluetooth Spy apps used by cybercriminals. The apps help them connect to your phone or laptop without asking for permission. When using spy apps, cybercriminals access your device in three methods.

Bluebugging: Using this tactic, a Bluetooth phone spy can gain full access to your device and control it. For instance, a hacker accesses your device through the back of your IOS. The hacker listens to your conversations and can even reroute your communication. This is one of the most dangerous MacBook attacks you can get.

Bluejacking: Attackers send annoying messages to Bluetooth-connected devices within range. The hacker can steal information from your computer. However, the attack is not as serious as the other two.

Bluesnarfing: This is a sophisticated type of attack. The attacker gains access to your operating system and steals your data. They can be located up to 300 feet away, and you can never notice it. They seek to steal your passwords, emails, photos, and PINs from your computer.


Bluetooth hackers use sophisticated software to steal information. The software displays all gadgets, such as MacBooks and iPhones, connected within range. They can tell the networks you are connected to currently and previously. Anytime you allow a Bluetooth connection, your gadget automatically connects to it next time. It treats it as a safe connection and stores connection credentials. Hackers often replicate trusted networks to trick your devices into connecting to them.

They then release malware, spyware, ransomware, and other dangerous software. They use the software to steal your data, clog your MacBook, or demand ransom. If your MacBook is usually connected to Bluetooth often, they can install spy software. It helps them spy on other gadgets around you every time you are connected.

What to do to protect your MacBook from being used for spying

Bluetooth hackers often station themselves in public places. They know such places have many devices in use, and it can help them remain undetected. They may also target restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. They know people who visit such places can sit for more than one hour. In public places, they target devices of users who often use the spot. You can take several steps to keep your gadget safe.

Disable your Bluetooth whenever not in use

Do not keep Mac or phone Bluetooth on all the time. It gives hackers enough time to breach into your device and get all the data they need. They may even use it as a spying gadget if they notice you are always connected. Whenever you are not using your Bluetooth, tap to switch it off.

Use a VPN

A VPN is one of the best methods to keep yourself secure. It connects you through a remote server that is hard for hackers to detect. Before you connect to the internet, connect your VPN first.

Use a VPN

Install antimalware in your gadget

Mostly, attackers use malware to gain access to your gadget and steal data. You can thwart them by installing antimalware on your Mac or iPhone. It protects your iOS or macOS from being compromised by different types of malware. The software blocks all suspicious activity in your gadget and thus protects your privacy.


Bluetooth allows you to connect to a variety of devices within range. Unfortunately, it leaves you prone to cyberattacks. Your MacBook could be used as a spying device by cybercriminals. They use spy apps or hacking software to gain access to your operating system. They then take control of your laptop and use it to spy on other devices around you.