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COD Vanguard Update 1.15 – Patch Notes on March 23, 2022

By William

March 23, 2022

COD Vanguard

A new update has been released for COD Vanguard Update 1.15 with Patch Notes are now available for download, for all platforms PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC.


Rebirth Island Reinforced. Perseus’s reconstruction of their island significantly altered several points of interest, including Stronghold, and added a new one known as Dock.


Three Modes Given New Life. Payload, Blood Money, and a new Resurgence Solos mode will be featured in weekly playlists alongside classic Rebirth modes.


New 12v12 Mode. Trek across the Alps to capture or take out bases to dominate the enemy, building your Loadout with Cash earned from eliminations and objective play.

 rules for SR restrictions:

– Players in Master & Challenger can only party up within 500 SR. – Players in Expert & Elite can only party up within 1000 SR. – Players below Expert can party up without restrictions.

Critical Expertise

Rare: Noncritical hits have a 10% chance to be critical. Epic: Noncritical hits have a 20% chance to be critical. Legendary: Noncritical hits have a 30% chance to crit for 50% bonus damage.

Explosives Expert

– Your explosions do more damage to the enemy and less damage to you. Splatterfest and Energy Mine explosion damage is increased. Ray Gun splash damage is not affected.

Explosives Expert

Rare: Your explosions do 50% more damage to the enemy and 50% less damage to you. Epic: Your explosions do 75% more damage to the enemy and 75% less damage to you.

New Weapon

Armaguerra 43: SMG (In-Season).

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