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Hot Wheels Unleashed Update 1.11 – Patch Notes on February 4, 2022

By Charles Clarke

February 6, 2022


- Fixed a bug causing clients to crash during online races. - New tuning for the Racing Season experience points reward.

Community Liveries and Tracks

- Fixed local Community Liveries list completely disappearing for some users. - Added a feature to reward the players with Coins and Gears based on the “likes” received by their community liveries and tracks.

Community Liveries and Tracks

 This is retroactive, so you will get the rewards for every “like” you have received till today. Then you will receive Coins and Gears for the new “likes” periodically coming back to the main menu.

Community Liveries and Tracks

Added “Most Likes Weekly” and “Most Likes Monthly” tabs in the UGC pages. These new tabs will show the Community Liveries and Tracks with the most number of “likes”, created in the last week and in the last month.

Other UI/UX:

- Fixed add-ons not displayed on the in-game page. - Added vehicle rarity indication on the multiplayer race results page. - Added support to pause the race when the controller is disconnected.


Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements

PC Version only

- Added support for the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0. - Added a confirmation dialog to the Sell, Upgrade and Dismantle operations in the Collection page. Now you should not be able to accidentally dismantle a car launching the controller on the couch.

PC Version only

- Added an indication for already owned vehicles in the Limited Offers and Blind Box pages. - Added the Sell, Upgrade and Dismantle shortcuts after opening a Blind Box. 


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