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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R Update 1.30 – Patch Notes on October 24, 2022

By Charles Clarke

October 24, 2022

All-Star Battle R Update 1.30

A new update has been released for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R Update 1.30.

General Changes

The amount of damage when attacking a downed opponent has been adjusted (reduced).

General Changes

– *If the hit is made to hit a character who is not down, the damage will be the same as before.

Some Characters Dodge

– Pet Shop – Iggy – Hol Horse – Giorno Giovanna (while Golden Wind Requiem)

Bind Skills

– Changed the internal processing of Specials which revive by consuming HH gauge.To correct a bug that caused inability to progress.

Dio Brando

Special attack: And punch straight through! Extended the hitbox.To solve the phenomenon that some characters do not get HIT.

Online Battle

Player Match / Rank Match Changed the rules for matchmaking.In online battles, the adjustment was made so that Japan and Asia will be matched as the same region.

Online Battle

– Fixed the rules for matchmaking. *NA onlyWhen a host creates a session in the North America region with the “Region: Same Region Only” setting, guests in regions other than North America will not be matched even if they play Custom Match.

Online Battle

Player Match Changed the rules for matchmaking.This is an adjustment to correct the behavior in which players with a “+/- 100000” difference in battle scores are not matched with each other in the session ID search.

DLC Character

Character SelectAdded paid DLC character Risotto Nero.

DLC Character

Gallery ItemAdded Gallery items. JoJo GlossaryAdded items in JoJo Glossary. CustomizeAdded customize option.


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