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Snowrunner Update 1.29 – Patch Notes on March 15, 2022

By William

March 16, 2022


A new update has been released for Snowrunner Update 1.29 with Patch Notes are now available for download, for all platforms PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC.

All Platforms

– Yukon mission cabin bug: The mission required 10 or 15 cabins, which should have been 2 or 3. This has been fixed now, but you may need to restart the mission for it to take effect. – Some players can’t coop on the same connection

All Platforms

– Coop syncing issues – Can’t refuel in the coop in some cases. Restarting the session helps.

All Platforms

– Lost vehicles on Big Salmon Peak: The team has found a fix to make certain it doesn’t happen again. It is unfortunately not possible to restore the lost vehicles. Apologies to those affected by this.


– Missing trucks after a loading screen in solo mode. – G29 / G920 not working for some players after 9.0 Update


– If you experience lag or crashes, try uninstalling your mods, as this may be the cause. We recommend not installing everything at once. – Some players are unable to download mods due to “not enough space”. We don’t know yet if this is a bug, but the team is looking into it.


– Negative money on consoles. This was caused by a mod (fixed now). Patch 11.2 restored money by turning negative balance into positive (The fix for this is still on the way for Xbox One).


– Various crashes – Issues with several Trophies.

Xbox One

– Various Crashes

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