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WWE 2K22 Update 1.08 – Patch Notes on March 31, 2022

By William

April 03, 2022

WWE 2K22 Update 1.08

A new update has been released for WWE 2K22 Update 1.08 Update with Patch Notes are now available for download, for all platforms PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC.


Hey, WWE 2K players, we have a hotfix for you that improves the stability of Create a Superstar when using a large number of original creations with custom portraits. 


– Addresses reported concerns of instability resulting from players applying 35 or more custom image renders to original superstars in Create a Superstar. – Improves a reported concern that online instability may occur when one or more users has empty custom portraits.


– Addresses a reported concern of an issue that may occur when a player accepts an online game invite while WWE 2K22 is in a suspended state.

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