Al-Ahly Football Team Nears Record in FIFA Club World Cup: Can They Surpass Real Madrid?

The Red Castle’s Quest for Records


The first football team of Al-Ahly club is close to achieving a new record, so that the name of the red genie will be written in letters of light in the history book.

The FIFA Club World Cup Record

The Red Castle has played the most matches in the history of the FIFA Club World Cup, with 22 matches, and separates it from its closest competitor, Auckland City, New Zealand, by 6 goals.

Surpassing Records

The Red Giant has only two goals left to surpass the Mexican Monterrey record, and the Red Castle is approaching the Spanish leader, Real Madrid, who has 40 goals.

Al-Ahly’s Friendly Victory against Alumini

In another context, the Red Devils succeeded in beating the Slovenian Alumini, 3-0, on the sidelines of the Swiss coach Marcel Koller’s camp in Austria.

The Slovenian Alumini match is the first friendly that Al-Ahly will play in preparation for the 2023-2024 season.

During this meeting, the newcomer to the team appeared in front of Ashour, who joined the ranks of the team during the current summer Mercato, coming from the Danish Maitland.

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