Canopy: A New Social Networking App for Content Creators to Connect and Monetize

Introducing Canopy: The New Peer-to-Peer Social Networking App

Canopy is a new peer-to-peer social networking app for content creators to connect, crowdsource information and, for lack of a better term, “spill the tea.”

Launching Pilot Program with 1,000 Influencers

The company announced today the launch of its pilot program, with plans to onboard 1,000 influencers. Canopy hopes that the program will help “build critical mass on the platform in our core content niches: beauty, fashion and lifestyle,” Ayomi Samaraweera, Canopy founder and CEO, told AsumeTech.

Early Access and Growing Waitlist

To get early access, creators can sign up on Canopy’s website. There are currently 1,200 people on the waitlist.

Experimenting with Monetization Paths

In addition to the pilot, Canopy will test three potential monetization paths, including a monthly subscription service that offers educational resources like a webinar series, in-person events and accountability groups. The company will also experiment with a research marketplace that connects brands with creators as well as a community management section for talent agencies and companies.

Targeting Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Creators

The app is open to all types of creators, such as pop culture, gaming, food or even those that post adult content. However, Canopy primarily targets beauty, fashion and lifestyle creators because “those are the content niches that have the highest earning potential and spending power,” Samaraweera explained. “Therefore, those types of creators are [usually] people who take it seriously and want to build a full-time career out of it.”

Accepting Influencers from Major Platforms

Canopy accepts influencers from most major platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, OnlyFans, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Currently, the required follower count to join Canopy is between 1,000 and 100,000. However, it’ll be open to all creators in the future.

Features and Anonymous Interaction

Like Reddit and X (formerly Twitter), Canopy has features you would expect with a social networking app: posts, comments, likes, profiles and so on. Users can also join “Branches” or groups that focus on a certain topic, such as brand partnerships, pay transparency, industry news, mental health, events & programming, monetization opportunities, platform algorithms, talent agencies and more.

Notably, everyone is anonymous on Canopy in hopes of fostering a safe space for creators to share their frustrations about the industry and ask questions without fear of judgment.

Plans for Real Names and Creator Collabs

Canopy plans to introduce a toggle feature at the end of October, letting creators choose between staying anonymous or revealing their real names. Additionally, Canopy has a branch/group called “Creator Collabs” where creators can be more open about their identities and arrange in-person meetups.

Rewarding Creators with Aura Points

Canopy plans to launch a reward system called “Aura Points” at the end of the year that rewards creators for responding to posts, sharing useful information and writing posts that get a lot of engagement. The points can be redeemed for creator tools, editing equipment and subscription services that help enhance their skills.

Founder’s Insight and Company Support

Samaraweera, an ex-TikTok employee and a TikToker herself, developed Canopy to address the issues she experienced when growing her TikTok audience. The company is backed by Hustle Fund VC, the founders of Jellysmack and Sean Atkins, president of Jellysmack. Plus, Canopy was recently accepted into Techstars Seattle and has raised $240,000 in total.

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