Dead or Alive 6 starts selling hair color DLC for a dollar a pop

The Dead or Alive series is well-known for its costly and plentiful add- on material– the most current game, Dead or Alive 6, currently has 4 season passes, varying in cost from from $7999 to $9299 each. a brand-new method to pay for material in Dead or Alive 6 is irritating the game’s neighborhood. Publisher Koei Tecmo is now charging players to alter fighters’ hair color, and if that sounds bad, the execution of that brand-new function is even worse.

Among the factors Dead or Alive 6’s DLC is so costly is that each season pass or outfit pack includes numerous outfits and often characters. Some characters can be bought individually, however if you wish to purchase, state, the Morphing Ninja Outfit Set– however do not wish to pay for the $7999 season pass that consists of that group of 26 outfits– you can get it by itself for $2399

However up until Team Ninja launched a current upgrade to DOA6, you could not purchase a single outfit separately. To fix that, the designer presented the “Premium Ticket” alternative to the PlayStation 4 version of thegame Players can purchase Premium Tickets in packages of 2 to 50, then invest those tickets on outfits and other cosmetics. Each ticket costs about $1, and specific outfits can go for 3 to 4 tickets. Each hair color costs one ticket– and with 16 hair colors readily available per character, one can see how costly that may get.

The unusual execution of this system, nevertheless, is that costs a Premium Ticket on a hair color does not completely open it like with other outfit purchases; it merely permits players to change to thatcolor Change to another, which’s anotherticket Change back to one you currently geared up, which’s yet anotherticket This has actually led players to call the function “hair renting.”

Unsurprisingly, Dead or Alive fans have actually been venting their disappointment at Koei Tecmo on the series’ official Twitter account, on Reddit, and on neighborhood websites like FreeStepDodge, which penned a scathing critique of the new microtransactions.

We have actually connected to Koei Tecmo for comment on the hair color circumstance, and will upgrade if the publisher reacts.

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