Elizabeth Olsen Reflects on Wanda’s MCU Mistakes: From Hero to Villain in Doctor Strange 2

Elizabeth Olsen on Wanda’s MCU Mistakes

Elizabeth Olsen Reflects on Wanda's MCU Mistakes From Hero to Villain in Doctor Strange 2

Elizabeth Olsen, who portrays Wanda Maximoff in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has recently given some insight into her character’s arc within the franchise. Despite being a powerful superhero, Wanda has had a tumultuous journey within the MCU, transitioning from being a villain to a hero, then back to a villain again, before ultimately appearing to die at the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In a series of recently uncovered quotes, Olsen shared some thoughts about the mistakes her character has made throughout this journey. She expressed her shock upon learning that her character would be the main antagonist in Doctor Strange 2, which has left fans speculating about the character’s future in the MCU. It remains to be seen how Wanda’s story will unfold in future films and TV shows, but Olsen’s portrayal of the character has certainly been a highlight of the franchise.

Speaking as a part of the Art of The Movie: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness artbook

Elizabeth Olsen, the actress who portrays Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently spoke about her character’s mistakes and her experience playing a hero. According to Olsen, constantly playing the hero is not the most enjoyable experience for her. Instead, what interested her about Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) from the beginning is that she has clear beliefs that don’t always align with others, and yet she’s comfortable in her own skin. Olsen added that she appreciates how the character’s journey has allowed her to explore different emotions and showcase her range as an actress. Overall, it seems that Olsen’s portrayal of Scarlet Witch has been a challenging but rewarding experience for her.

“It’s not the most fun, in my mind, to always play the hero of a story where they do no wrong. I don’t find that interesting. And I think the reason why I really enjoyed Wanda from the beginning is she’s very clear in her beliefs. They just don’t align with others’, and that’s okay.”

During a recent interview, Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda Maximoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, spoke about her character’s growth and development. Olsen revealed that Wanda recognizes her own mistakes and has her own realizations, which is an important aspect of her character’s journey. She also mentioned the Disney+ series “WandaVision” as a project where her character took control of her life and made decisions for herself. Throughout the series, viewers see Wanda’s transformation from a grieving and confused individual to a powerful and self-assured superhero who is finally able to embrace her true identity.

“And then she’ll have her own realizations and admit when she makes mistakes. And that affects her in different ways. And then I think Marvel Studios’ ‘WandaVision’ was this journey of her, for the first time, taking her life into her own hands, making decisions for herself, and recognizing that maybe she has a lot to process.”

WandaVision focused on accountability for Wanda, as she confronted the consequences of her actions towards the town while dealing with her personal loss.

“And she’s also feeling a sense of accountability for what she had done to this town and to these people, but then also experiencing this huge loss of this other life that she had created for herself — that now can exist In The Multiverse.”

Marvel fans were taken aback when Wanda Maximoff, one of the MCU’s most beloved characters, took a dark and villainous turn in the TV miniseries “WandaVision”. In an attempt to provide some insight into this unexpected shift, Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development Andy Park recently shed light on how Wanda’s costumes evolved to reflect her corruption. Park revealed that the changes in Wanda’s wardrobe were a deliberate choice to illustrate her descent into darkness, with her clothing becoming darker and more sinister as the show progressed. This attention to detail is just one example of the thought and care that goes into the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, demonstrating the level of artistry that sets this franchise apart from others.

“That idea of her becoming corrupted by the Darkhold and taking a more villainous turn meant that costume started to not fit as well, because the whole idea was that she finds herself at the end of WandaVision and, essentially, it’s her at the height of her power in her most Super Hero type of look.”

Did Wanda’s Villainous Turn Make Sense?

Elizabeth Olsen’s perspective on Wanda’s transformation into a villain in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may have been justified, but not all fans have accepted this development. Many have raised concerns about the speed at which it happened. Even Michael Waldron, the writer of the movie, acknowledged that it was an “accelerated descent into madness.” However, he defended the storyline by emphasizing that Wanda gained knowledge of her identity as the Scarlet Witch from WandaVision and obtained the Darkhold.

Although WandaVision hinted at Wanda potentially turning to the dark side, some fans felt that the transition was too abrupt. It would be disappointing to see such a beloved MCU personality end on a negative note. However, there are indications of Wanda’s possible return, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige suggested that “anything’s possible in the Multiverse.”

In the movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda’s character’s arc is explored in more detail, as she continues to grapple with her newfound powers and identity. As the plot progresses, we see the consequences of her actions in WandaVision and how they have affected those around her. In the end, the movie leaves us with a sense of hope and possibility, as we are reminded that anything can happen in the vast and mysterious Multiverse.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s now streaming on Disney+, so you can catch all the action and find out what happens to Wanda for yourself.

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