Exploring Sir’s Twisted Backstory: New Revelations and Dark Secrets in NBC’s Found Episode 4

An Intense Episode of “Found”: “Missing While A Pawn”

Missing While A Pawn

Warning: spoilers ahead for the fourth episode of Found, called “Missing While A Pawn.”

In NBC‘s Found, the twisted backstory between Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Gabi Mosely (Shanola Hampton) continues to unfold in the 2023 TV schedule. In the latest episode, titled “Missing While A Pawn,” the actors delivered exceptional performances that added new layers to their relationship.

The Case of the Missing Boy

The episode revolves around a 13-year-old boy who mysteriously vanished from a church. Gabi enlists Sir’s help to unravel the mystery of why the young boy willingly went with the wrong people. With Sir’s insight, they manage to locate the boy before he falls victim to human trafficking. However, the operation takes a toll on Gabi, and her thoughts drift back to troubling moments throughout the episode.

Sir’s Disturbing Past Revealed

Through a series of flashbacks, we witness the manipulative side of Sir’s character. He never physically harms Gabi but controls her by withholding food when she fails to meet his demands, such as reading the Shakespearean play he assigns her. Gabi discovers a note in one of the books he gives her, revealing that she is not his first victim, and there were others before her.

When Gabi confronts Sir about Annie (the previous captive), he admits he had taken someone else captive and threatens Gabi with a similar fate if she rebels. Gabi’s ongoing search for Annie suggests that Sir’s claim of his previous victim never being found holds true so far. However, it remains uncertain whether she met a tragic end or if Gabi can find evidence to prove otherwise.

Gabi’s Hidden Agenda

Gabi’s journey through her memories triggers a definite sense of unease. When Lacey mentions Sir, Gabi becomes defensive and lies about her expectations of him being found. While Gabi seems to be hiding the truth about Sir’s capture, her statement suggests that she has no intention of him ever being discovered. This revelation raises unsettling questions about Gabi’s long-term plan for Sir. Is she planning to keep him indefinitely or possibly take matters into her own hands?

One intriguing aspect is why Gabi never informed anyone about Annie. If she reported Sir’s first victim to the authorities, wouldn’t Lacey be aware of it? Does Gabi believe that she can only find answers by keeping Sir in her custody and searching for Annie herself?

“Missing While A Pawn” showcases an outstanding performance by Shanola Hampton as Gabi. Throughout the episode, Gabi’s frustration simmers beneath the surface, until she reaches a breaking point, screaming, crying, and venting her emotions. Hampton’s portrayal of Gabi’s turmoil is remarkable, especially in the scene where she loses control while Sir calls for her from the basement.

While Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s portrayal has been impressive, Hampton truly shines as the leading lady of Found in Episode 4. Make sure to tune in to NBC on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET for new episodes of Found, or stream them the next day with a Peacock Premium subscription.

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