Germany: Russia’s attack on Ukraine shattered the European dream

While the military operation launched by Russia on Ukrainian territory has reached its eighth month, the German president believed that it has caused a “historic break” in his country’s relations with Moscow.

“The war shattered former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev’s dream of a common European homeland,” said Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who belongs to a wing of the German Social Democrats and has long called for closer economic ties with Moscow to engage it. in a world oriented to the West order.

There is no room for old dreams

He also pointed out that this conflict has brought about a change in the world, saying in a speech on Friday: “When we look at Russia today, there is no room for old dreams … Our countries are against each other.”

Unleash the war in Europe

Furthermore, he saw that “the Russian war has brought his country in a different phase, in a state of insecurity, in a moment of war, violence and flight due to fears of a spread of war in Europe like wildfire “.

Interestingly, Steinmeier paid a surprise visit to Kiev on Tuesday, the first since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, where he pledged to provide more support to Ukrainian forces, especially in the field of air defense.

He had originally planned to visit the country last April, but Kiev refused to receive him in that moment due to concern over his past support for Western rapprochement with Moscow.

But Ukraine and Germany have returned and resolved their differences, especially with Berlin’s pledge to increase military support.

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