London Subway Driver Under Investigation for Pro-Palestinian Chants: British Transport Police

The British Transport Police Investigates Subway Driver’s Support for Palestine

London, October 21, 2023

The British Transport Police (BTP) has launched an investigation into a subway driver in London who, during a recent subway ride, expressed support for Palestine and called upon passengers to pray for Palestinian civilians. The incident, which took place during a massive march in the city, was captured in video clips that quickly spread across social media.

The video shows the subway driver leading chants in solidarity with the Palestinians, urging passengers to join in the support and chant the slogan “Free, Free Palestine.” The chants were part of a larger demonstration held in London to show solidarity with Palestine amid the ongoing conflict in the region.

Confirming the incident, the British Transport Police released a statement on their official platform, stating that they have reviewed the video clip that captured the subway driver’s chants. The statement further mentioned that the British Transport Police is collaborating with the Department for Transport in London to investigate the matter.

London has become the epicenter of numerous marches in support of Palestine since the beginning of the intensified Israeli bombing and siege measures in Gaza on October 7. The demonstrations aim to raise awareness about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and highlight the concerns of the global community regarding the situation.

Prior to this incident, London witnessed another massive demonstration in support of Palestine. Thousands of people took to the streets, starting from Marble Arch, a well-known landmark, and marched towards the city center. The demonstrators carried signs calling for an end to the bombing of Gaza and the dismantling of the Israeli apartheid state. They also expressed a strong belief in the liberation of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean.

The demonstration served as a powerful display of solidarity with the Palestinians, with participants conveying their concerns about the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Speakers emphasized the significance of raising awareness and advocating for peace and justice in the region.

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