One Day: Release Date,Trailer, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far

Valentine’s Day is the next holiday to look forward to as 2024 begins. Netflix’s new series is a fantastic fit for this romantic occasion, especially with passion and couples getting ready for the perfect binge to watch while cuddling. A fresh cast and structure are being considered for the next remake of One Day, originally starred in by Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway in the David Nicholls novel adaption. The cinematic adaptation of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew’s friendship-turned-love tale only lasted one hour and forty-seven minutes; however, the series will provide a more comprehensive examination of their relationship over time.

one day

This is all our current information on Netflix’s newest project, including the plot and release date.


  • Leo Woodall as Dexter
  • Ambika Mod as Emma
  • Amber Grappy as Tilly
  • Brendan Quinn as Callum
  • Jonny Weldon as Ian
  • Tim McInnerny as Stephen
  • Eleanor Tomlinson as Sylvie
  • Essie Davis as Alison
  • Adam Loxley as Graham
  • John Macmillan as Aaron
  • Anne Bird as Mary

When Is The Release Date of One Day?

Valentine’s Day is the next holiday to look forward to as 2024 begins. With passion in the air and couples preparing for the ideal binge-to-watch while cuddling, Netflix’s latest series is a perfect fit for this romantic occasion. The next One Day remake, which starred Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway in the original David Nicholls novel adaptation, is being examined with a new cast and framework. While Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew’s friendship-turned-love story was only given an hour and forty-seven-minute movie version, the series will eventually offer a more in-depth look at their relationship.

This is all the information we know about the plot and release date of Netflix’s newest project.

Is There a Trailer for One Day?

Although a trailer for the series has not yet been released, bookmark this page for future updates. As soon as the trailer is out, it will be updated. Here are a handful of the Netflix originals’ first-look photos as of right now.

What Is the One Day Plot?

Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew are the main characters for those who haven’t watched the previous One Day film adaption. Until the day of their graduation on July 15, 1998, the two had never before crossed paths. After spending hours together that day, the characters decide that they will only meet again on July 15 of each year. The characters’ journey, which spans multiple years as the series progresses, follows them as they reconcile and make up for their time apart. With 14 episodes planned, each one will pick up a year after the last and follow the pair as they reunite under custom. The series will explore how their relationships with each other and those around them alter over time as they grew older and stay in touch.

Who Is Making One Day?

Four One Day episodes have Molly Manners, a BAFTA winner, listed as the executive producer and director. She was a second unit director for an episode of Season 3 of The Crown, and she has previously worked on other British series like Lazy Susan and In My Skin. In addition, Luke Snellin, who has been recognized for his work on the 2019 film Let It Snow and the television series Feel Good, will serve as the director of four episodes of the Netflix series. One Day’s John Hardwick (Brassic) and Kate Hewitt (Life) will both serve as directors for several episodes.

Regarding the script, the series’ principal writer is Nicole Taylor. She previously penned the script for Wild Rose, which starred Jessie Buckley as a country music star, and worked with Netflix on the set of Gal Gadot’s Heart of Stone. The production received high praise from critics and was recognized with several accolades, including Best Feature Film at the Scottish BAFTAs. Vinay Patel (Doctor Who), Bijan Sheibani (Morning Song), Anna Jordan (Succession), and Mollie Goodfellow (Have I Got News For You) are among the other writers who have joined the team.

As an executive producer, author David Nicholls will also participate in the second movie version of his book. Nicholls wrote the 2011 movie’s screenplay, so it’s encouraging to know that the author of the original material is still endorsing the next endeavor. Here are his comments regarding the Netflix original that he made on X (previously Twitter).

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