President of “Shimera” in Al Arabiya: We have invested more than a billion dollars in America, Europe and India

Chimera CEO Saif Fikri said in an interview with Al Arabiya which are the investment volumes in India which will allow its Alpha Wave Ventures 2 fund to expand.

UAE firm, Shemera Capital, has completed the second closing of its $ 10 billion Alpha Wave Ventures 2 fund to become the largest asset management of the region.

Saif Fikri explained that the fund made its first financial close last November with a value of $ 5 billion, noting that the fund has invested more than $ 1 billion of these funds. in America, Europe and India.

Alpha Wave Ventures II is aimed at companies that are not yet listed in bag, with a focus on a range of asset venture capital, in the fields of financial technology, artificial intelligence and life sciences.

And my thought was that the second close happened 10 days ago with new investors and most of the money invested in the fund came from the region.

He continued: “The management of the fund is carried out jointly by Shimira Capital with Alfa Wave”.

Fikri pointed out that the fund’s launch plan has existed for up to a year and, although the fund’s focus is on investments in venture capital, focuses on the quality of companies that have good growth opportunities or solvent companies that seek acquisition deals to expand their businesses.

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