Revealing Flashbacks in Episode 2 of NBC’s Found: The Backstory of Sir’s Captivity Unveiled


Spoilers Ahead for Episode 2 of NBC’s Found: “Missing While Sinning”

The second episode of NBC’s Found, titled “Missing While Sinning,” continues the intriguing storyline that started with the series premiere. Last week, viewers were shocked to discover that Gabi Mosely, portrayed by Shanola Hampton, had been keeping Sir, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, captive in her basement. Gabi uses him as a twisted resource in her search for missing persons. The premiere hinted at the dark nature of their relationship, leaving viewers curious about the backstory. However, “Missing While Sinning” provides revealing flashbacks that shed light on their history.

Unveiling Sir’s True Identity and Flashback Exposition

In this episode, it is revealed that Sir’s real name is Hugh Evans. The flashbacks showcase his desire to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Gabi’s kidnapping, as he sees it as a way to form their “family.” These scenes provide crucial exposition, filling in gaps without feeling forced. The flashbacks clarify that Sir never physically harmed or acted inappropriately towards Gabi, but instead kept her away from her father. Interestingly, the flashbacks also reveal that Sir is bothered by messiness, making Gabi’s deliberate neglect of him in the present an additional punishment.

Dispelling Fears of Extreme Harm

The flashbacks establish that Sir did not physically harm Gabi or Lacey Quinn, portrayed by Gabrielle Walsh, who was kidnapped just eight days after Gabi. This revelation reassures viewers that the show does not venture into the heinous territory associated with programs like Law & Order: SVU.

Addressing Backstory Concerns

This episode confirms that Found will not withhold information about Gabi and Sir’s past until the season finale. Initially, there was a fear that the show would reveal everything in the pilot’s flashbacks and save nothing substantial for later episodes. However, “Missing While Sinning” dispels these concerns, delivering important backstory early on while maintaining the suspense of their present interactions.

Avoiding Graphic Abuse and Shifting Power Dynamics

There were concerns about Found delving into abusive behavior beyond kidnapping and captivity. Unlike NBC’s Thursday night reruns of SVU, Found doesn’t need to explore dark and gritty storylines. The dynamic between Gabi and Sir becomes more intriguing as the flashbacks reveal Sir’s attempts to create a family, with Gabi holding all the power in the present. Although the promo for the next episode hints at potential changes in this power dynamic, the current dynamics make for a captivating watch.

Progress in Unraveling the Mystery

Through this latest episode, Found demonstrates its commitment to providing answers to viewers. The show reveals important details about Gabi and Sir’s relationship and clarifies what Sir did not do to Gabi during their year together. Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s portrayal of Sir showcases a complex and unlikable character, adding intriguing layers to the storyline. Furthermore, this episode raises new thought-provoking questions about Gabi’s relationship with her father.

Make sure to tune in to NBC on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET for new episodes of Found. For a comprehensive list of new and returning shows, refer to our 2023 TV schedule!


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