Rust Update 1.91 – Patch Notes on March 30, 2024

A new update for Rust, known as Update 1.91, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.

Rust Update 1.91 Detailed Patch Notes


  • Easter Event: The Easter Event will run from March 28 to April 18 on official servers, featuring an egg hunt every 24-38 in-game hours. Players can collect eggs that can be upgraded from bronze to silver and gold, with loot ranging from scrap to high-tier weapons. New items like the Egg Basket, Bunny Onesie, and Bunny Ears are available only during the event.


  • New administration tool for viewing and deleting entities to aid server moderation.
  • Added favourite and history functionalities in Command and Item Lists.
  • New loading screens with server information.
  • Customizable welcome screen for admins to add messages when players join.


  • Ending Spectate no longer respawns the user inside objects.
  • Spectating a wounded player in first person no longer displays interaction prompts.
  • Fixed shooting through Strengthened Glass Windows.
  • Fixed inability to accept missions from Fisherman on certain map seeds.
  • Fixed FPS drop caused by Supply Signal smoke.
  • Weapon attachments now automatically swap out.
  • Players no longer fall through terrain in a wounded state.
  • Fixed issues with swimming mechanics.
  • Multiple Trap types are no longer triggered when in Vanish Mode.
  • Various spectating improvements and bug fixes.


  • Wounded players no longer get stuck under models at Mining Quarry.
  • Wounded players can no longer go under the staircase at the silo tower.
  • Fixed player ability to go through windows in Launch Site without Red Cards.


  • Broken attachments can no longer be equipped with weapons.
  • Flash Bangs now have correct flash effect.


  • Wounded timer no longer exceeds default value.
  • Synced wounded recovery and survival bars while spectating.
  • Various UI fixes and improvements.


  • Visual and audio improvements for Flash Bangs, Improvised Balaclava, laser sights, and more.
  • Fixed Light Switch SFX and player footstep sounds.


  • Fixed crashes related to joining servers on consoles and running commands after closing the list.

These are the detailed patch notes for Rust Update 1.91, covering a range of fixes and improvements to enhance the player experience.

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