The Best Multiplayer For Nintendo Switch Games For Families In 2022

The Nintendo Switch has been around for four years and is still a great place for families and multiplayer games. If you want to play multiplayer games in the same room, make sure your Switch can connect to the TV. This fall, a new OLED shielded switch will be released, which will be a minor upgrade to the existing Switch connected to the TV. Both are better options for families than the Switch Lite, which only works in portable mode and lacks the Shareable Joy-Con controllers (Switch Lite owners might do multiplayer, but need to buy an extra controller and huddle around that little screen.)

If you only have one Switch, here are the best multiplayer games I recommend playing with your family, which we will update as new titles become available. One of my favorites is the Nintendo Clubhouse games, which are a collection of classic board games from around the world that can be played locally or online. But, mashed potato, there are so many other options. Check out our list of the best Nintendo Switch games if you want to play without a second player.

Note: most of the links below are for the digital copies of the games, sold via Amazon. You can alternatively buy is download all of these directly from Nintendo eShop, directly from the Switch. just do sure you have a microSD memory card with a wide capacity to store game data.

There is an abundance of Mario games on the switch, and a lot of are listed below. Originally Super Mario 3D World was made for the now-gone Wii U, but it’s a mix of local e online multiplayer (up to four players) offers a lot of fun chaos on the switch. An extra (but short) game called Bowser’s Fury uses only the second player as a help, but this bonus game is a welcome extra. If you want also more Multiplayer Mario, see New Super Mario Bros. U below. OR for Creative Mario, try Super Mario Maker 2.

Nintendo’s new collection of family board games and retro games bundle includes 51 classics from around the world that are surprisingly funny, with online play and local multiplayer. With a free hookup app, the game also supports local Switch-to-Switch play. Many games are two-player; others are three- or four-player. Some games, such as bowling, feel like a throwback to Nintendo’s Wii Sports. It’s an excellent teaching tool for games like backgammon, chess, or even shogi, mahjong, and hanafuda, and there’s plenty to keep you occupied this summer. On a TV, curled up over one Switch, or played between multiple Switches, he’s just as good.

Mario Kart fans and newcomers alike will never get bored with Mario Kart 8. The dozen gamble of tracks are fantastic, and the local multiplayer with four players can get a little hectic on a smaller TV, but this Nintendo Switch game is fantastic. This is one of the first games we recommend for multiplayer on the Switch. It also has an online multiplayer mode, so it’s a great game for your kids to play with their quarantined comrades without actually having to interact with them.

Nintendo’s long-running Mario Party series is a video board game with a slew of bizarre minigames thrown in for good measure. A dance-rhythm party game is included in the Nintendo Switch console version, as well as some training and a collaboration game in which players paddle down a river together. This game is a hit with my family, and it’s just a great game in general.

Even levels can be played with four players, making it a great tool for learning about game design in addition to being a Mario construction kit. It’s impossible to run out of things to do in Super Mario Maker. Using a basic stylus (like the one pictured here) is a great option if you plan to play directly on the switch.

Aside from being a Mario construction kit and a mini-course on game design, it also includes a download of user-made levels, allowing four players to play even levels together. There are an infinite number of things to try in Super Mario Maker. A basic the stylus (shown here) is a great tool to use if you’re playing directly on the switch.

Eight people can join in on the action in this cartoon-style eight-player multi-player game on the Switch. I’m just a number in a roster that has already surpassed 75 characters. This couch co-op game and another that allows for online play, or you can all join in on one screen, are available (gets crowded).

Nintendo’s adorable planet explorer and treasure hunt strategy game, which uses populations of plant-like Pikmin first, involves the collection, the care for A long time ago, it was released on the Wii U console. The switch update includes two-player cooperation throughout the entire game. An assortment of party modalities and challenges can be implemented on open maps to encourage teamwork. In addition, there are also levels. And don’t even get me started on the best Nintendo series you’ve never heard of.

The world created by Yoshi

With a two-player cooperative mode, Nintendo’s papercraft platformer takes a small step into the third dimension. Nintendo has a lot of fun platformers, but Yoshi’s challenges are a little kinder and more focused on finding hidden treasures and surprises.

One of the Switch’s first launch titles, this futuristic hover-racing game is underrated despite being a cheaper version of Mario Kart or perhaps Wipeout for the system. Multiplayer is a dream come true.

Mario Tennis does not forgive. Mario Tennis has a lot of characters is enemies. Mario Tennis has an online mode, and it is perhaps one of the best Switch sports games. Here it is. It’s Mario characters playing tennis with crazy power-UPS.

I still prefer Mario Tennis to Mario Golf, but there are some new twists in this golf-themed party game that are better enjoyed with others. It’s called “Super Rush” because it allows multiple players to play at the same time, even if they’re interfering with each other. The battle mode only gets crazier from here. Two-player split-screen or four-player turn-based golf can be played on a single Nintendo Switch (two players can also play online with others at the same time on one Switch). A lengthy single-player adventure is also available.

The retinue of an old man console wonder series of games, Ultimate Alliance 3 feels like Diablo or an arcade fighting game, but with a roster of dozens of wonder characters for play. It is repetitive times, but joy of to collect characters it’s a lot of fun and you can keep changing your heroes all the time.

To solve a puzzle, two people must cut each other’s pieces apart. Or you can go at it with a knife. It’s a puzzle game that can be played in a variety of ways by two people at a time.

But Sega also released Tetris 99, which features four-player online battles and includes Puyo Puyo, a great puzzle game that you should check out. The mode has a lengthy backstory as well.

This is an ideal time to challenge your family with a virtual game now that the real championships have been postponed. It all boils down to whether or not you’d rather watch football or basketball (I choose FIFA here, just based on personal preference).

Surprised by how much of a Smash Bros. feel this side-scrolling platformer has, this four-player cooperative game has an additional minigame e battle mode. Better than you’d expect in terms of features.

If it’s hard to exercise in-home, Just Dance is an active alternative to Ring Fit Adventure and it works with Joy-Con controllers included in the Switch. Could buy whatever version of Dance and be happy.



The cheapest great pick on our list, this is a cooperative puzzle game with two and also four-player modes. A madness buy — his currently $ 15.


If you can find it online and have a switch for housing the TV, Nintendo’s cartoon experiment is still worth a try. It’s like a rolled-up version of a craft kit or video game: a cardboard construction kit that takes hours to assemble. For those who have already built their savage creation, each Labo kit comes with an abundance of extra games and experiments. It’s a hybrid of making things and playing video games. (If the fantastic Labo VR set is also available, the original The Labo 1 variety kit may be the best option for families with multiple children.)

Cooperative dungeon scan, but with Minecraft. For children who want a battle experience but I’m not ready for something as intense as, say, Diablo, Minecraft Dungeons is abundant of pixelated fun a playthrough. It’s a spin-off game, so don’t expect regular Minecraft. But it’s funny on its own terms.

NES and classic SNES games


The free (with Nintendo Switch Online subscription) NES and Super NES games that live on the Switches are in reality a great small deposit of Two-player gaming. A lot of the games have a two-player mode (which works well in a tabletop Switch mode with Joy-Cons detached), and there is enough arcade/action/sports things to keep the kids busy for hours. Or, do it in tall score battles. They are not all NES and SNES games we wanted, but that’s a lot.


This sofa co-op is a lot of fast-paced fun for up to four players. The controls and the gameplay are simple so that even the youngest children can do it play and boss levels is just challenging enough to keep things interesting but not impossible. It’s a good option if you are looking for something from play in short bursts, but he has 100 levels to overcome and Taito will release more content for download after this year, Including new stadiums and the character Baron von Blubba. The original 1986 version of the game is also included.

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