The Crown Prince Camel Festival 3: Fierce competition between the elite of Al-Hil and Al-Zamoul

The races on the seventh day of the final leg of the Crown Prince Camel Festival, in its third edition, saw fierce and strong competition between the elite of Al-Hail and Al-Zamoul who participated in the 22 round which took place today. all measured 6km per run.

The competition raged for first place in the Saif Crown Prince Award for points in morning races, and Amer bin Rashid Al-Marri’s slogan deserved the stardom of the period, following his dominance over 4 races, and taking the win. in they through the mounts: “Mayas”, “Al-Kayed” and “Afaal”. And “Hammam”, increasing and increasing his chances of ranking points, while the “Al-Hanouf” reel was unique to Abdul Aziz bin Ma’aa Al-Sahli with the best time in the morning races, after finishing the half distance in 9 minutes and 28 seconds.

In the evening shifts, the competition continued separately between the participating elites, and Suleiman bin Salama Al-Juhani’s reel “Anwar” won the fastest time, after crossing the finish line in the seventh game of the evening. in 9 minutes and 33 seconds, while the reel “Najla” came to its owner Fayez bin Mishaal Al-Sharif finished in the second fastest time after his win in the fifth game, passing the half distance in 9 minutes and 37 seconds, and Prince Turki bin Muhammad’s “Ezz” bin Fahd’s logo finished third best timing after his first-half win and finish line in 9 minutes and 42 seconds.

Interestingly, tomorrow, Friday, will be a rest day. Next Saturday, September 11, the Crown Prince Camel Festival races will conclude in its third edition, with four run symbolic for the category of tricks and zamools during the evening period, and each run extends for a distance of 6 kilometers.

The festival was launched on August 8th in two stages (preliminary and final), with a total of 532 races, and the value of its prizes is 53 million riyals.

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