The NFL’s Nickelodeon connection has us matching QBs to beloved ‘SpongeBob’ characters

The NFL will take an unexpected action to improve its appeal amongst children next season after apparently concurring to transmitted a first-round playoff game on kid-targeted Nickelodeon along with CBS.

Where “SpongeBob SquarePants” mesmerized audiences prior to, football will attempt to win over the hearts of children around the U.S.

That got us to thinking: Which “SpongeBob” characters would NFL quarterbacks be if they went into the digital world?

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Here’s our effort to response that concern in a list that will likely lead to difference and indignation. Simply bear in mind that we attempted our best:

Patrick Mahomes: SpongeBob SquarePants

Mahomes is fresh off a Super Bowl title and is having among the very best starts to a profession in NFL history (76 TDs in 31 games). He appears well-positioned to own the next generation of league success. The top quarterback is typically thought about the lead character of the league, and competition for the role will most likely be in between him and Lamar Jackson for several years to come. Like SpongeBob, Mahomes’ voice provides fantastic amusement, and he is usually favored even by opposing fans.

Mitchell Trubisky: Patrick Star

Seeing Trubisky attempt to discover his footing in the NFL is sort of like seeing Patrick Star attempt to make it through a door.

Colt McCoy: Sandy Cheeks

The former Longhorns fantastic is as close to the sea squirrel as we can get. He resides in his backup quarterback bubble till called to action.

He may not live in the Southwest any longer, however do not you attempt insult where he originated from.

Philip Rivers: Squidward Tentacles

The grumpiest quarterback in the NFL truly simply enjoys his craft, simply like the no-nonsense curmudgeon of Swimwear Bottom.

Here’s how Rivers looked each time he felt pull down by Chargers colleagues in the last few years:

Jared Goff: Eugene H. Krabs

It took Goff little time to protect a four-year, $134 million agreement extension that has set him up for life quite well regardless of suspect on-field production. Mr. Krabs would be so happy with the skill.

Lamar Jackson: Sheldon J. Plankton

Jackson’s whole profession is dedicated to making everybody who has ever ignored him or disrespected his game appearance like morons. He dropped to No. 32 in the 2018 NFL Draft and was informed by teams and critics he would be much better acted as a pass receiver. An MVP season shut that talk down, however the Ravens signal-caller is not likely to ever lose his sharp edge.

His inspirations, then, bear resemblances to those of Plankton. Plankton, obviously, lives to specific vengeance for the absence of attention he gets, continuously looking to overthrow Swimwear Bottom.

Unlike Plankton, nevertheless, Jackson currently appears to have the secret formula and a roadway to huge success.

Aaron Rodgers: Flying Dutchman

He’s a baaaaaad guy.

Here’s Rodgers in the clutch: jdvX05 Tbc

Tom Brady: King Neptune

There is no questioning Brady, the GOAT, rules the NFL quarterback kingdom.

His throne, obviously, will remain in a brand-new city for the first time next season.

Jarrett Stidham has a huge job ahead of him in changing Tom Brady

Now, who will all of these quarterbacks be tossing the ball to? That option is quickly the ripped Seahawks receiver from Ole Miss.

DK Metcalf: Larry the Lobster

Big Larry energy over here.

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