Trump abandons his battle with Congress over tax revenues

Former US President Donald Trump has walked out of a protracted legal battle with Congress over access to his tax revenues from New York state, telling a judge on Friday evening, in a joint filing with a House committee, that the new Republican leadership “has no interest.” The case dates back to 2019, when Trump was president, when he filed a lawsuit against the government’s Budget Review and Recommendation Committee, in the House of Representatives, which was led at the time by Richard Neal, the representative of the state of “Massachusetts” and officials of the state of New York, in A law that recently passed, known as the Trust Act, gave members of Congress a way to obtain the president’s state tax records, Bloomberg News reported Saturday.

The committee did not end up filing a request to obtain the New York documents, and the judge did not have to rule on Trump’s allegations, which challenge the validity of the law, and the case remained, mostly pending, in the next two years, and the judge asked, time and time again in situation reports to the parties .

And the latest filing by Trump’s attorney and acting general counsel in the House of Representatives, who voluntarily dismissed the case, reiterated Trump’s position that the Trust Act could not apply to a former president, citing the recent change of political circumstances.