What’s the secret to preventing Zidane over Manchester United?

“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Spanish press sources have revealed reasons that prevent Manchester United legend Zinedine Zidane, despite his knowledge of the referees’ interest and seriousness in signing with him, from freeing the club and his fans of the Norwegian nightmare Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, especially after the team reached the bottom of football with him. Rumors demanded the expulsion of the Scandinavian coach who had risen, in an angry reaction to what happened after Sunday afternoon, bowing to historical rivals Liverpool with a clean five in the heart of “Old Trafford”, which contributed to the spread of rumors, which put in doubt his near future with the Red Devils, so much so that some sources have spoken of the possibility of his dismissal before the next Tottenham match. In conjunction with reports and articles highlighting the awaited strategic alternative to Solskjaer in the “Theater of Dreams “, the most prestigious Spanish newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, said that United decision makers had contacted former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane more than once, but he has learned to put obstacles in front of him. open to the idea of ​​training in this moment. The Catalan newspaper attributed the reason for Zizou’s objection to the idea of ​​coaching the Premier League giant and before him the new ghoul Newcastle United in Saudi dye, first to his desire to complete the rest and recovery period, especially after his mental suffering in his last season in the city of “Valdebebas”, from which he came out without titles, in second, to focus on two goals that are not third. According to “El Mundo”, the Algerian-born coach will not sacrifice the recovery period with his family, if not to accept two positions, the first is the main objective, to take the helm of his French national team, but it has become complicated and has to wait another year, after Didier Deschamps managed to hold his position until his final days.In his contract – with the end of France’s role in the World Cup in Qatar – the second job is to oversee the Paris Saint-Germain project, should President Nasser Al-Khelaifi decide to oust Argentine coach Mauricio Buccino. It is known that Zizou has been out of work since he resigned as coach of the club of Meringue, last summer, which is exploited by the media, to enter your name in useful phrases with i club elite in England e in Europe, in particular Manchester United, as a public request, in the hope that he will reproduce what he did with Real Madrid in his first term alongside his glory creator Cristiano Ronaldo.

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