With this deadly recipe . Facebook will challenge Tik Tok

It seems that Meta, the owner of Facebook, Instagram and other communication platforms, is working hard to compare itself with its competitor, Tik Tok.

To face this challenge in TikTok course, which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberg described as a growing threat, the company said it will use artificial intelligence in most effective way to recommend content to users around the social network.

This means that Facebook will work like Tik Tok on function (for feed) that serves user content in based on their interests determined by the company’s algorithm, not the accounts they follow.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Meta previously expanded its short video format feature, known as Reels.

Zuckerberg said the company’s AI will act as a “discovery engine in able to show you all the most interesting content that people have shared in our system. “

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Interestingly, Meta is expected to see a slight increase in its daily users to 1.95 billion, up from 1.93 billion in February.

Last quarter, the company’s daily active user base dropped by two million, the first time the company reported a decline in user numbers.

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The main reason for this decline was the effect of increased competition from TikTok, a subsidiary of ByteDance, which offers short videos to users.

While Meta responded to the TikTok threat by expanding the provision of its short video feature, known as Reels.

Tik Tok (Shutterstock)
Tik Tok (Shutterstock)

Last quarter, the company reported that while Reels is now the content format in fastest growing company, TikTok has however grown even faster.

Interestingly, the Tik Tok app is very popular with young people around the world, especially as it usually shares short funny or dancing videos, while Facebook has been the subject of a campaign of widespread criticism in recent months and even investigations in the United States Congress, on the exploitation of users and their data.

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