“A major international concern” to die The war is escalating … and Europe is calling for a permanent solution

Expressed on Tuesday die United Nations “grave concern” about escalation Violence is taking place in the occupied Palestinian territories And East Jerusalem and Israel.

“We condemn all forms of violence and all forms of incitement to violence, national division and provocation,” the spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Robert Colville, told reporters in Geneva.
He added that die Israeli security forces must allow freedom of expression, assembly and association, and that violence cannot be used against those who die exercise their rights peacefully.
He added that even if violence has to be used, it complies with international human rights standards in must fully comply.

Spokesman Colville noted that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, was particularly concerned about die Effects of violence on children is. “The imprisoned children must be released … die Things need to be reassured, “he explained.

The European Union called on all parties to respect international humanitarian law in To respect Jerusalem and Gaza, and believed that die escalation in Jerusalem and Gaza die Necessity confirmed die Resume negotiations to find a lasting peaceful solution.

Paris called on Tuesday die Israeli authorities not to use excessive force against die Palestinians apply after 26 people were killed in Israeli strikes in Gaza and violent confrontations with protesters in occupied East Jerusalem.

“We demand die Israeli authorities are clearly in favor of the proportional use of force, “said Jean-Baptiste LeMoyne, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, to the National Assembly.

The air strikes on Gaza continued on Tuesday, killing 25 people, including 9 children, and more than 100 Palestinians, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza wounded as Israeli fighter planes hit the civil administration building in Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip targeted a strip that coincided with gunboat shelling in the western Gaza Strip. According to the correspondent “Al Arabiya”.

Fired in the meantime die Palestinian factions continued to fire artillery shells die surrounding Israeli cities in the Gaza Strip. “Al-Arabiya” correspondent reported that two houses in Ashkelon were injured, while Israeli medical sources confirmed that die Number of injuries in Ashkelon had risen to 31, including one in State of danger, according to Israeli medical sources, when Ashkelon Hospital received die Wounded.

The clashes broke out when hundreds of Palestinians, die yourself in the last ten days of Ramadan in die Mosque withdrew, confronted with the plans of the settlers, in die Enter mosque. On Monday, Israel commemorated the “Day of the Unification of Jerusalem,” which die Occupation and annexation of East Jerusalem in 2018 meant 1967.

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