Apple Wallet to Allow Recurring Payments with Apple Cash and ID Verification for Businesses in iOS 17

Apple Wallet to Implement Recurring Payments and Business ID Acceptance


Apple announced two new features for Apple Wallet during its Worldwide Developer Conference keynote address. These new features include the ability for users to set up recurring payments through Apple Cash and the ability for businesses to accept Apple IDs stored in the Apple Wallet.

Recurring Payments

With the launch of iOS 17 this fall, Apple will allow users to set up recurring payments through Apple Cash. This feature will come in handy for regular expenses such as rent payments or for parents who want to send allowances to their children.

Business ID Acceptance

Businesses can now accept Apple IDs stored in Apple Wallet. This builds on Apple’s current rollout of IDs in the U.S., where several states already support the ability to load a digital version of a user’s government ID to their iPhones. Businesses can check users’ ages via digital IDs, which could boost adoption.

According to Apple, businesses will be able to receive IDs in Apple Wallet with no additional hardware required. This feature will streamline processes such as checking IDs for alcohol purchases or verifying an ID for car rentals. Bars and clubs with age requirements would also likely be interested in adopting the feature.

iPhone users will simply hold their devices near a business’s iPhone, where they’ll see what information is being requested and whether or not they want to share it with the business. They can authenticate and consent using Face ID or Touch ID to share their information with the business. The TSA also uses a similar process for IDs in Apple Wallet.

Security Measures

Apple confirms that it follows the ISO 18013-5 standard, which leverages near-field communication (NFC) to establish a secure Bluetooth connection between the user’s iPhone and Apple Watch, a compliant third-party device, and the identity reader. Two APIs are available for businesses, developers, and organizations to use for accepting IDs in Wallet.

The Display Only API will allow businesses to access limited information like a portrait, full name, age, or whether the person is over a certain age. The Data Transfer API, on the other hand, will allow businesses to receive and store additional necessary identification information from a driver’s license or state ID, such as driver’s license number or address.

Release Date

The new functionality will become available with Apple’s software releases later this fall, including iOS 17 and watchOS 10. Other new features across its suite of apps, like Apple Maps, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple News, and more, were also shared.

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