Bloomberg: Russia plans to export large quantities of diesel before sanctions kick in in force

Russia is expected to increase its diesel exports in the next month before EU sanctions kick in in force in February, Bloomberg reported on Friday.

The agency said in a report, citing industry data, that fuel shipments from Russian ports in the Baltic and Black Sea regions will rise to 2.68 million tonnes in January, an 8 percent increase from the forecasted amount in December, with exports posting their highest levels since at least January 2020.

Russia’s cargo plans include only diesel exports, which are transported to the country’s ports via pipelines, and some additional and smaller volumes which can be transported by rail. The report also said that the data for the port of Primorsk also includes planned exports of 120,000 tonnes of diesel fuel from Belarus.

And the European Union will ban the import of Russian petroleum products by February 5th. This comes after imposing a ban on incoming Russian crude in force this month.

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