Competition Heats Up: Sony-Honda Vehicles to be Sold at Competing Dealers

Sony Honda Mobility Inc. is a joint venture between Honda Motor Co. and Sony Corp. that aims to revolutionize the auto industry by combining the best of both companies to deliver a new kind of electric vehicle (EV). The first vehicle, an all-wheel-drive sedan, is expected to be released in 2026 and feature a driving range of at least 300 miles, a combined motor output of at least 160 kilowatts, and a design that is clean, technical, and timeless. The company plans to sell and lease the vehicles online and offer long leases of five years or more. The venture also plans to look to brands outside of the Honda and Acura dealer networks for after-sales service. Sony Honda Mobility Inc. also plans to leverage Sony’s digital technologies and media content to create a unique experience for customers, including an on-the-go entertainment space that integrates the real and virtual worlds. The car will be powered by a high-spec microprocessor set from partner Qualcomm capable of 800 trillion operations per second. The company believes that this technology will help them reduce the new-car development timeline by 20 to 30 percent. Sony Honda Mobility Inc. is part of a larger trend of tech companies joining forces with automakers to create new business models and revenue streams.