Contradicting Figures: X CEO Claims 500 Million Posts per Day, Disputes Elon Musk’s 100-200 Million Estimate

The Contradiction: Elon Musk and X CEO Linda Yaccarino’s Conflicting Figures

Recently, Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur, made a statement about the number of posts generated by X users on a daily basis. According to Musk, there were around 100 to 200 million posts per day, excluding retweets or reposts. However, during an event, X CEO Linda Yaccarino contradicted this figure and claimed that X was seeing 500 million posts per day on the platform.

Confirmation from a Reliable Source

AsumeTech, a trusted tech news website, confirmed Yaccarino’s statement through the conference’s host, Imran Khan. Khan, who organized the Khanference 2023 event, tweeted the figure alongside other statistics shared by Yaccarino. The conflicting numbers caught the attention of many, as it seemed to be out of alignment with Musk’s previous statements.

Musk’s Previous Statement About X Posts

For context, Musk stated, “And it’s also important to bear in mind that there are 500 million, uh, 550 million monthly users — now going to maybe 600 million monthly users — And you know any given day there’s on the order of 100 to 200 million posts to the system… This a lot of material. In amongst the 100 to 200 million — and I’m excluding retweets, or reposts…”

Confusion Arises

Musk’s statement regarding 100 to 200 million posts per day caused a stir, as it indicated a decline in X usage over the years. Social Media Today even pointed out that Twitter, in 2013, documented an average of 500 million posts per day. To say that X now only sees 100 to 200 million posts would imply a significant drop.

A Decline in X’s Daily Active Users

The Information recently reported that X’s daily active users have decreased by 3.7% to 245 million since Musk acquired the company. This significant drop is based on figures Musk himself tweeted last fall.

Clarifying the Discrepancy

X has provided an explanation for the discrepancy between Musk and Yaccarino’s figures. An executive from X confirmed to AsumeTech that the “500 million posts per day” statistic is accurate. They further explained that Yaccarino’s figure encompasses all conversational post activities, including original posts, replies to posts, and quote posts and reposts. Apparently, Musk was referring only to original posts in his talk.

Additional X Metrics Shared by Yaccarino

During her chat at the event, Yaccarino shared several other X metrics, as cited from Khan’s tweets:

  • People are spending 14% more time on X, with a 20% increase in consuming video.
  • Gen-Z is the largest and fastest-growing user segment, with almost 200 million monthly users.
  • X generates 100 billion impressions per day.
  • Every single day, 1.5 million people sign up on X, which is a 4% increase from last year.
  • There has been a 10x increase in creators on X since June, and X has paid almost $20 million to creators via its ad rev program.

Despite the conflicting figures, X continues to experience growth and a significant amount of activity on its platform. The discrepancy in figures can be attributed to the evolving nature of X, with a greater emphasis on conversational post activities and interactions between users.

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