Netflix Reveals Exclusive Footage from David Fincher’s Highly Anticipated Thriller, The Killer

David Fincher’s New Thriller Film: The Killer

Renowned director David Fincher, known for films like Se7en and the hit series Mindhunter on Netflix, is returning to the streaming platform with his latest project, The Killer. The first images from the film have been released, giving us a glimpse into this upcoming thriller.

The Plot

The Killer revolves around Michael Fassbender, known for his roles in movies like X-Men, who plays the lead character, a professional assassin. As the story progresses, the cold-blooded killer finds himself entangled in a battle against everyone, including his employer and his own sanity. Fassbender’s character is mentally unstable, and dealing with international pursuits only adds to his troubles.

Based on a Comic Book Series

The Killer is based on the comic book series Le Tueur (translated to The Killer) by Alexis Nolent. With David Fincher at the helm, we can expect the same level of quality and intensity that he brought to Mindhunter. The series is known for its raw, dark visuals and psychological interplay between characters, with Tilda Swinton also joining the cast.

The Return of Collaborators

The Killer serves as a reunion of sorts, as the screenplay for the film is written by Andrew Kevin Walker. He previously worked with Fincher on Se7en and also contributed to the well-known film Fight Club, which starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

What About Mindhunter?

While discussing The Killer, it’s worth noting that Mindhunter will not be returning for a third season. Fincher explained in an interview, “I am incredibly proud of the two seasons we made. However, it is an expensive show, and according to Netflix, it did not reach a wide enough audience to justify further investment. I don’t blame them, as Netflix took a risk in producing this series.”

The Killer on Netflix

The Killer will be released in select theaters in October, followed by its arrival on Netflix on November 10. Below, you can watch the first teaser for the film. After seeing it, you will surely be counting down the days until its release!

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