Saudi Arabia … 5 levels of the modern sustainable building certificate

The “Sustainable Building” program, which provides its services to a number of entities in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, revealed five classifications for projects or buildings that receive a building sustainability assessment service.

In a press release, the program stated that it grants a “building sustainability assessment certificate” by following high-level international standards that raise the efficiency of the building, improve the quality of life inside and outside the building, and reduce the damage of building waste and materials to the environment in accordance with international specifications and standards, in order to achieve harmony with the vision Kingdom 2030 to raise the efficiency and safety of the built environment.

The program indicated that the certificate is awarded through the total points obtained by the building or project, which are distributed over a number of levels starting with the classification of the project or building from (green, bronze, silver, and gold) up to the highest level (diamond), and based on The total points achieved by the building or project will be awarded a certificate (sustainable).

He noted that a number of complexes that have received building sustainability assessment certificates are expected to be announced in the coming period, stressing that work has already started with a number of large complexes that represent huge urban projects, noting that one of the most important benefits of obtaining evaluation certificates is for building sustainability. It is provided by the program to raise the efficiency of energy and water consumption, improve the quality of internal living, improve building operation management, reduce maintenance costs, reduce environmental pollution inside and outside the building, and raise the level of household waste recycling management.

It is worth noting that the services provided by the sustainable building program are: (building quality inspection, prefabricated buildings inspection, and building sustainability assessment), in order to raise the quality and reliability of residential products, reduce the operating and maintenance costs of residential units, as well as reduce the risks of residential construction operations and the costs involved. In addition to raising the level of competence of the parties in the residential construction sector and motivating them, giving the building that conforms to sustainability specifications an advantage over other traditional buildings in leasing and selling, and enhancing the development strategy in a way that contributes to attracting a greater number of investors.

The “sustainable building” provides all its services through its electronic platform at the link, Which links all related parties with the aim of automating and documenting procedures.

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