Sneak peek of Virgin River’s special Christmas episode unveiled

The Exciting Christmas Specials of Virgin River

The fifth season of Virgin River left viewers hanging with several cliffhangers. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to dive into brand new episodes of the series. On November 30, Netflix will add two Christmas specials of Virgin River to its lineup. To get fans in the holiday spirit, the first images of these episodes have now been released.

A Special Christmas Episode

For years, fans of Virgin River have been wondering if there would ever be a special Christmas episode. Especially since one of the books is set during the holiday season, it seemed likely to happen at some point. Prior to the release of season 5, it was confirmed that the moment has finally arrived. Fans can now enjoy two special Christmas episodes of the series starting from November 30.

A Major Mystery Unraveled

In addition to the residents of Virgin River celebrating Christmas in the episodes, it seems that we will also receive an answer to a major mystery. At the end of the fifth season, we saw Joey, Mel’s sister, unearthing an old box of Christmas decorations. Among her mother’s belongings were several love letters.

It is suggested that Mel’s mother had an affair with a man from Virgin River, who could potentially be her father. The big question for the Christmas specials is: Who is Mel’s father? And it seems that he is still in Virgin River. Below, you can take a sneak peek at the first photos and even catch a teaser for the episode.

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