Taliban: We have captured 90% of the Afghan border الحدود

The Taliban spokesman told Russian news agencies that die The movement controls 90 percent of the Afghan borders, where it leads an offensive at the same time as the withdrawal of foreign troops, without checking these statements from independent sources.

“The Afghan borders with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran stand fast 90 percent under our control, “Zabihullah Mujahid told the state-run RIA Novosti news agency.

inclusive government

On the other hand, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that die The Taliban had agreed to speak to the authorities in Form an inclusive government in Kabul.

In addition, lead die Taliban launched a widespread attack against die Afghan Armed Forces, as die international forces began their final exit process from the country, which is expected to end in late August.

Taliban expansion

Since then have die Rebels conquered large areas of land and many important border posts and surrounded large cities.

Without primary US air support they could die Afghan armed forces no longer withstand the Taliban and no longer just controlled die Capitals of the provinces and die main turnstiles.

Taliban: We have captured 90% of the Afghan border الحدود

Gave in early July die The Taliban announced that they control 85 percent of Afghan territory, a share they control die Government rejects and which cannot be independently verified.

The Taliban’s attack is a cause for concern among countries sharing a common border with Afghanistan, particularly Tajikistan, which is more than 1,200 kilometers away die Divides the border with Afghanistan.

And Tajikistan mobilized its entire army on Thursday to in a combat maneuver that in the Central Asian country is the first of its kind, die Check readiness for use of its elements and on die The effects of the worsening situation in neighboring Afghanistan.

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