Star Wars Land Merch appears in new films, The Mandalorian & Games

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge takes Disney Park guests to a far-off galaxy full of sweet, sweet merchandise. Galaxy’s Edge’s Chachkies, however, make a significant difference that sets them apart from other Disney staples such as Car Park miniatures or Olaf plushies: anything on sale has a good chance of being used in other Star Wars movies, TV sets Show or video games appear.

Players of Jedi: Trap orders that have gone to Savi’s workshop in Galaxy’s Edge have already noticed that they can rebuild the park’s custom lightsabers for T. Brad Schoeneberg, Head of Global Merchandise Franchise Division for Star Wars and Marvel, shared polygon at a press day for the new Rise of the Resistance, where the lightsabers in Fallen Order are just the beginning of the nation’s transmedia storytelling.

“Jedi: Fallen Order was the first of the other places where you see these stories. It’s not just Savi. It’s all in the country, “he said during a Galaxy’s Edge media event. “We have a product that appeared in Episode 1 of The Mandalorian. I’ve just sent another product round for Season 2 to The Mandalorian. So you will continue to see everything embedded in this broader storytelling. “

It differs, for example, Navis bow and arrow, which are presented in Avatar (2009) and then land in the Pandora section of Animal Kingdom. Instead, the merchandise begins at Galaxy’s Edge and then subtly finds its way into other Star Wars media.

“Working with Doug Chiang (Vice President and Creative Director of Star Wars), we designed the lightsaber parts for the actual Savi models. Then we would meet with Doug and team. We would all make changes together with Lucasfilm and bring them back, “said Schöneberg. “When we reached the final parts, Doug said we’d all need 3D copies because we wanted to use them in the video game, so you’ll see them appear in content and how they’ll take on a new life.”

Where exactly do we see Batu staples? And which goods will go to other properties? Schöneberg was very much in love with detail and preferred to make the experience organic for the fans.

“It’s this kind of discovery that in some cases we’ve just decided to let guests discover on their own, without telling you all the things we’ve done,” he said.

The Disney parks are already full of Easter eggs, from the famous Hidden Mickeys hidden in attractions to homage to retired rides that appear on existing ones. Galaxy’s Edge continues this tradition in a way that is unique to Star Wars, and advances the physical parking space in Lucasfilm and Disney’s endless galactic storytelling.

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