Windows 11 adds Xbox tech for better gaming

Windows 11 adds Xbox tech for    better gaming

Windows 11 will get some gaming updates thanks to Xbox.


Microsoft gave the first glimpse of Windows 11 on Thursday, show off the new features in arrival on PCs. is just so it happens, the new tech added to the next operating system was already available on the Xbox.

Auto HDR and DirectStorage are two new features Arriving in Windows 11 to improve how PC handle gaming, and both were first introduced on the Xbox series console. With Auto HDR, Windows will make it easier to shoot on high dynamics range, if the hardware supports it, in to have the best visual experience. Microsoft has a preview of Automatic HDR available for Windows 10.

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Microsoft launches Windows 11 with HDR gaming


DirectStorage is another Xbox series feature which loads a game’S assets directly to graphics card instead of through the CPU to prevent the processor from getting bogged down down.

The Xbox app will do that also to be built in Windows 11. Xbox Game Pass subscribers not only will it be in degree of download from the catalog of games the service delivers, but they will also to be in able to stream titles via Xbox cloud gaming. Go across-play between console and PC will be also to be available.

Windows 11 is the first update since release of Windows 10 in 2015. Microsoft has yet to provide a release date for is imminent operating system.

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